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Kyle Yu

Head of Special Projects, V Marketing

Kyle Yu is an accomplished marketing executive with a proven track record in leading successful marketing and client services initiatives. Currently serving as the Head of Special Projects, V Marketing at VX Dynamic, Kyle oversees a wide range of marketing efforts, including traditional and digital campaigns, strategies, and branding. She is responsible for managing large-scale projects that play a crucial role in the company's sales efforts and overall branding and awareness campaigns.

In addition to her role at VX Dynamic, Kyle holds key positions at two other organizations. She is Head of Marketing and Client Services at Valens Research, a leading global investment research and analytics firm, and has been a part of the company since 2016. During her tenure, she has contributed significantly to the company's growth and success, driving marketing strategies and enhancing client services.

She also leads a dedicated team responsible for public relations, corporate outreach, and educational programs and events. Under her guidance, her team excels in building and maintaining positive relationships with multiple organizations, industry influencers, and potential partners. Through targeted outreach and strategic initiatives, Kyle ensures Valens Research maintains a strong presence in the industry and maximizes opportunities for growth.

Kyle is also the Head of Marketing and Member Services at FA Alpha, a flagship community for financial advisors. Joining the team in February 2020, she has played a role in establishing FA Alpha as a trusted platform providing advanced macroeconomic, equity, and credit market insights. Her dedication to delivering valuable content and fostering strong member relationships has been instrumental in the community's rapid growth.

Kyle effectively manages a team of marketing associates, content writers, and graphic designers across her various roles. She guides her team to execute innovative marketing campaigns and ensures the alignment of marketing efforts with business objectives.

Kyle earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from the University of Asia and the Pacific. Her academic background, combined with her extensive experience in marketing, equips her with a comprehensive understanding of the industry and enables her to drive impactful marketing strategies.

With her multifaceted roles and achievements, Kyle Yu continues to make a significant impact in the marketing and client services arena, driving growth, and fostering success for VX Dynamic, Valens Research, and FA Alpha.

Kyle Yu
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